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About the Barbados Labour Party

    The Barbados Labour Party remains faithful to the following core principles which are essential to achieving a truly just, equitable and developed society in which all citizens can continue to flourish and realise their full potential. OUR PRINCIPLES The Barbados Labour Party stands for strengthening the spiritual and cultural psyche of Barbadians in a way
    Translating our broad transformative vision for a new Barbados into tangible achievements will require discipline and focus. We will concentrate our efforts on five priority themes, all essential and mutually reinforcing components of the overarching vision for our country. These themes all flow naturally and cohesively from our core Values and Principles: OUR VISION FOR
    Our Pledge to our Public Servants Our Pledge to our Children Our Pledge to our Young People Our Pledge to our People with Disabilities Our Pledge to our Senior Citizens Our Pledge to our Diaspora OUR PLEDGE TO OUR DIASPORA Information and communications technologies have effectively blurred the lines between those Barbadians who live on